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Get the right information to the right people at the right time and improve, both employee productivity and customer experience, with SDL Tridion Docs. 

Enrich your information with the right metadata and classification information, such as taxonomy terms, while building department wide knowledge hubs—with enterprise-wide structured authoring and collaboration using the DITA standards. Step up your digital transformation initiatives with intelligent content so you can achieve operational and competitive excellence.

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Managing policies, procedures, guidelines and other high value information is tough and can easily end up in document overload and file system chaos. 

Use SDL Tridion Docs to support your employees and partners with high-quality information from a single source of truth and solve problems of content fragmentation and liabilities due to poor information.

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Delivering accurate product information, after-sales and self‐service content to customers, field service and support teams is a challenge, especially as the number of products, variations and markets grow. 

SDL Tridion Docs can help you effectively manage and publish high-quality multilingual documentation in any channel in any format.


Key Benefits

  • Increase productivity by content reuse 
  • Improve information governance 
  • Improve content findability 
  • Adapt content for any channel 
  • Reduce content volume
The cost of getting it wrong

Consumers today are drowning in a sea of information but barely find the information that they are looking for. In a typical organization, 70% of employees struggle with missing information which can cost up to $5.4 million annually in lost productivity. 

*IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by SDL, The Future of Knowledge Management: Agile, Governed and AI-ready Componentized Content Services, May 2019.

Transform the workplace with a next-generation Intranet

Part of SDL Tridion DX

Through the power of SDL Tridion DX, product and support teams can deliver in-depth product and support information across traditional and new touchpoints.

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