SDL Testing Services

Launch global software and apps with confidence

Testing software for global markets

SDL Testing Services provide critical benefits to your organization and deliver an important last line of defense before you release your products to the global marketplace.

Failing to test your global software products before you launch them can have painful consequences for your organization. 

Protect yourself by partnering with SDL Test Labs and our global testing services. At SDL, we specialize in localization testing, including functional, linguistic and international testing to ensure your products work as intended for any market.

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Ensure quality

All of the linguistic testing is handled by native language speakers, with the supervision and support of SDL test leads. 

We test all localized software on native operating systems and platforms to ensure we test in the environments on which it will be installed.

Our US-based testing center passes the most stringent security requirements – particularly important for customers who trust SDL with prototype devices.


  • Avoid costly post-release bug fixes
  • Avoid launch delays due to failed regulatory requirements
  • Increase end-user satisfaction
  • Protect your brand reputation for quality
  • Sim-ship in all languages
  • Tap into a vast network of global resources and testing centers