SDL Content Assistant

Automatically create snackable content with the help of artificial intelligence

SDL Content Assistant

Easily tap into your long-form documents to automatically create snackable content at speed, using SDL Linguistic AI™. 

SDL Content Assistant reads your collateral, such as product documentation, white papers, analyst reports, web content and much more, so you don't have to. By automatically extracting meaning and proof points from pre-written documents, you can create digestible content that is engaging and relevant to your audience. 

Access the app directly from your browser to start transforming your content creation process and take back your time.

Dynamic Summarization
Topic Extractor and Selector
Blurbs, Stats and Tweets
Spotlight and Scratchpad
Asset Analyzer
Summarize documents in real-time based on topics of interest at the level of depth that you require. Use the slider to select the type of summary you want—a brief summary with just a few salient points, a longer in-depth summary, or something in between.
Dynamic Summarization

Pull content from your chosen documents by selecting the topics you want to focus on. SDL Content Assistant allows you to toggle your content highlights in real-time based on your topic selections.
Topic Extractor and Selector
Extract blurbs and statistics from source documents to make them easy to turn into tweets. The live twitter feed can be oriented to your selected topics, so you can reference what is in the social domain and ensure your content is truly unique based on what others are tweeting.
Blurbs, Stats and Tweets
Use the Scratchpad to assemble your snackable content from the Spotlight. You can easily see the context for the selected text and move it into your Scratchpad for refinements. Use the recommended hashtags and ensure your snackable content fits the word count that you need.
SDL Content Assistant helps you tell the right story. The app assesses sentence length, level of complexity, key phrases and topics, as well as, machine translation suitability and more.
Asset Analyzer

SDL Content Assistant Benefits

Reduce time spent reading long-form content and create snackable content faster
Automatically find insights
Reuse and repurpose content
SDL Proxy DX - Consolidated Workflow
Create social media assets effortlessly
instant access
Free, easy to use with in-app guidance
Select as many documents as your promotional project needs
Significantly improve productivity


Val Swisher
Val Swisher
Content Rules
"I thought it was easy to use. I didn’t need to know anything to use it. I know there’s a lot of intelligence behind it. It was interesting how it found content from my content and laid it out for me."
SDL Content Assistant | AI-powered content creation

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