SDL Machine Translation

Apply the latest in neural machine translation to automatically translate content easily, cost-effectively and securely across content-intensive business functions such as customer experience, business intelligence and internal communication. 

Reach a global audience easier and new markets faster with our latest advances in artificial intelligence.

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Key benefits

Scale across your entire organization.
Fully secure.
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership.
Seamless integration.
High quality translations.
Flexible deployment.

Key features

State-of-the-art neural MT

Achieve a better return on investment (ROI) in your global communications efforts. Our solution is scalable and optimized for both accuracy and fluency.
Our award-winning technology can automatically translate content across 130+ language pairs with little or no human intervention. 

We have mastered some of the most difficult languages such as Russian to English and are continually growing and improving our set of languages.

State-of-the-art neural MT
Real-time, scalable translation
Flexible deployment with Edge-Cloud
Adaptable to your business

Key concepts

SDL Machine Translation transforms content-intensive business functions by breaking down language barriers across hundreds of languages at speed.
  • Business intelligence

  • Customer experience

  • Global communication

Bring a global perspective into your analytics faster. SDL Machine Translation can integrate with business intelligence applications to minimize the manual efforts required to translate text data captured in multiple languages. By helping standardize data to the language of the analyst and their tool, SDL Machine Translation enables organizations to expand the amount of data they can analyze without adding time to data preparation.
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You want to reach your global customer faster across more channels. SDL Machine Translation can help marketing and sales translate documents and websites faster than through human effort alone. This means you can translate more content into more languages more efficiently and extend your global reach cost-effectively. By integrating SDL Machine Translation with real-time channels such as chatbots and virtual assistants, you can find new routes to a global marketplace.
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Language can stand in the way of clear communication to internal and external stakeholders. SDL Machine Translation can help you unleash more productive global internal communication and collaboration as well as clear the path to the global market. With a single, secure solution for machine translation, you can clear language barriers to ensure your communication is clearly understood by all global constituents.
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SDL secure machine translation 

Break the language barrier with enterprise-grade scale and security.

SDL - Professional Services

Deployment, support and training services

Maximize the value of your SDL Machine Translation investment with our services, training and 24x7 support throughout your relationship with us. 

Get support every step of the way with help on operational deployment, iterative improvement and upgrades.

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"SDL has transformed the way communicates with customers. It offers a rich experience and machine learning technology, and it supports many language pairs. SDL’s response was quick, and the whole project has achieved the desired goals."

Marcel Ning, MIC Business Manager