Develop and publish accessible content in digital, PDF, and print formats with our XML Professional Publisher. Built for the most demanding publishing environments, you can produce newsletters, books, magazines, loose-leaf manuals, catalogs, and electronic documents in more than 40 languages. 

Automate the composition and pagination of XML, or other structured content, to create high-quality output with a rapid turnaround.  

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Key benefits

Trusted by customers around the world across all industries.
Automate publishing of complex documents.
Expand production throughout.
Comply with regulatory accessibility standards.
Eliminate desktop publishing manual tasks.
Use interactive editing capabilities for quick turnaround.

Key features

XML support

Our powerful publishing solution transforms content into high-quality composed, and paginated Print, PDF, and ePub deliverables from databases, XML editors, your CMS, or structured word-processing files, tagged graphics, as well as more regulated document types, such as SGML, and EDGAR output for financial filing.
XML support
Universal Accessibility
Language support
Composition controls

When brand matters

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Deployment, support and training services

Maximize the value of your SDL XPP investment with our services, training and 24x7 support throughout your relationship with us. 

Get support every step of the way with help on operational deployment, iterative improvement and upgrades.

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"SDL XPP enables Gilson to offer leading-edge, comprehensive composition services, with value that our competitors can’t match."

Jeff Palmitier, EVP at Gilson