Engaging Today’s Connected Consumer

SDL Solutions for Retail

Retail is Constantly Changing

Rapidly changing consumer technology and growing customer expectations for speed, convenience and service drive continual change. 

Today's buyer wants a highly personal, frictionless and entertaining experience, whether online or offline, anywhere in the world. That's where SDL can help

Our global solutions combine the best of digital content management, human and machine translation, content optimization and services delivery, so you can capitalize on global market opportunities faster than ever before.


The world's leading retail companies use our solutions to: 

  • Manage multilingual marketing, product and service content across channels.
  • Provide content-on-demand to today's digital savvy consumers.
  • Support both multilingual and global website content requirements.
  • Adapt, manage and deliver global brand content.
  • Benefit from digital content, content production and global delivery services.

Unified Digital Experiences Across Touchpoints

SDL provides translation and marketing solutions to create an omni-channel customer experience.
Simplified translation processes, faster translation submissions and increased translation quality and efficiency lead to timely global launches. Submit, manage and deliver your multilingual content on time and budget, with full control of your content supply chain.
An omni-channel approach increases your success across markets. Retail organizations who work with SDL benefit from our language expertise, cultural insights and cross-channel experience. The right experts in your corner make all the difference.

Personalization for the Anonymous Offline Shopper

Looking Glass is an in-store intelligent digital ad platform that delivers personalized ads, increasing conversions and providing real-time behavioral insight. It uses a combination of visual recognition, cognitive computing and dynamic publishing.

Looking Glass captures the most essential information about a customer using a network of cameras.

By analyzing information patterns such as age, gender, dwell time and traffic patterns against personas and customer journeys, it serves real-time, personalized ads using in-store digital displays located at strategic points throughout the store, including POS.

Specialized Solutions

Localization Services
Translation Management
Marketing Solutions
Content Management

When buying online, today's shoppers expect content in their language. Often overlooked, language is the first and most important way for brands to personalize their content. With SDL Language Services you have ready access to a breadth of services to meet your multilingual content needs:

  • Translation Services for linguistic, cultural and subject matter expertise.
  • Neural Machine Translation for AI-supported, high-quality efficient automation. 
  • Website Localization for localization engineering expertise and translation services.
  • Global SEO and content optimization so your brand is found, in every market.

"Our EU sites have seen an organic increase in SEO-related search traffic of 35 – 40% since we started working with SDL."

– Global Localization Manager, Bose 

"SDL leveraged its superior local human resources to provide us with services to operate our website and optimize content for 14 countries."

– Senior Manager, Huawei EBG Sales & Marketing

SDL Translation Management technology automates translation processes and eliminates inefficient manual tasks for greater control, collaboration and efficiency:

  • Centrally manage, automate and control translation projects.
  • Delivery quality translation on time and budget.
  • Improve quality and consistency through Translation Memory and Terminology Management.
  • Integrate translation management with any application using RESTful APIs.

Centralized translation ensures quality content for global shoppers, significant cost reduction through translation reuse, automated translation process management, multi-vendor support and management and scalability for each new language and content type, with minimal effort. 

Protect your data with SDL’s secure end-to-end environment, which features: 

  • ISO 27001 certified translation management 
  • Data encryption 
  • Secure SaaS deployment 
  • Audit trails
Marketing Solutions icon

SDL Marketing Solutions enables brands to adapt, implement and deliver global brand content. We do this by enabling your organization to:

  • Deliver global brand content across channels, media and languages.
  • Resonate your brand and message across cultures and languages.
  • Deliver to any presentation format and digital channel.
  • Access web content managed services.
  • Scale your talent pool as you need it.

SDL specializes in how to best adapt, manage and deliver your global brand content. We provide:

  • Consistent ways of working.
  • Aligned processes enabled by technology.
  • 2,000 Marketing Solutions experts.
  • A network of 55 offices in 38 countries.

With SDL Marketing Solutions, you can engage with any creative or strategic specialist agency and let us deliver your content to any channel, in any language, anywhere in the world.

The SDL Tridion Sites centralizes content management, enabling you to scale through reuse, adaptation and synchronization of content and translations across channels, brands and markets. 

Content translation is built right in, automating the management and distribution of translated and localized content. By using customized workflows that follow your business processes, you can make sure that anything that goes online meets your standards.

Marketing Solutions icon

SDL Tridion Docs, our structured content management solution, give you complete control over product and corporate content. Centralized content is tagged, stored, managed, translated, formatted and delivered to across channels.

Adopting SDL’s DITA-based, structured content solution, we’ve seen our customers:

  • Reduced costs by up to 20-30%.
  • Increase content reuse by up to 60%.
  • Reduce publishing time from days to minutes.
  • Reduce translation times by 30-50%.


  • 27 of 36 top eCommerce and Retail companies work with SDL.
  • The world’s largest team of dedicated, in-house translators with Retail and CPG expertise. 
  • The industry’s leading solution to personalize anonymous customers in your brick and mortar stores, bringing the online experience to your offline customers. 
  • Integrated technology stack for a personalized customer experience delivery for product and marketing content. 
  • Market leader of scalable, vendor-agnostic language management technology. 
  • Full control of the content lifecycle.