Industry Solutions

Life Sciences Solutions

Deliver enhanced patient experience across a global marketplace with the right language and content capabilities.

Legal Solutions

Solve multilingual content challenges across all legal practices and deliver more value to your global consumers.

Government Solutions

Meet government requirements for multilingual content across public sector, intelligence, defense and law enforcement agencies.

Financial Services Solutions

Create the best possible relationships with your customers across markets with proven language and content management solutions.

Healthcare Solutions

Transform your content into multilingual, multi-accessible material to drive more patient value for all, across all customer touchpoints.

Aerospace & Defense Solutions

Trusted S1000D content management and language solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry.

Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

Create multilingual content-on-demand across touchpoints, from exploration to configuration, and through to connected experiences, and aftersales services.

High-Tech Software Solutions

Language and content solutions for enterprise software and hardware, IT services, social media, games, online applications, multimedia, productivity applications, cloud computing, and mobile devices.

Retail Solutions

Create highly personal, frictionless, and entertaining experiences, whether online or offline, anywhere in the world in any language.

Travel, Leisure & Hospitality Solutions

Create highly personalized, frictionless, and flexible travel experiences from the first search to well after the return home.

Automotive Solutions

Manage your multilingual marketing, product, and service content with a customer-centric solution that truly connects driver, vehicle, and experience.