Tridion for Technical Communication

Deliver accurate product information for after-sales and self‐service to customers, field service and support teams and scale as the number of products, variations and markets grow. 

Tridion helps you effectively create, manage and publish multilingual information in any format and on any channel. Improve content quality, speed up translations and eliminate lengthy desktop publishing so you can launch offerings faster and in more markets with constant or even reduced budgets.

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Tridion Docs leads the way

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Linde MH
“The productivity improvements enabled by Tridion allow us to accomplish more in less time.”

Thomas Oswald Manager, Central Customer Service.

See how Dell gained immediate efficiency improvements and time savings with Tridion

Key results

Instructional, contextual and consistent information for global teams.
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50% increase in productivity year-on-year.

30% reduction in content development costs.

82% of customers achieve ROI in 18 months or less.

20% reduction in translation costs.
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100% reduction in desktop publishing costs.

Use cases

  • Product information and documentation

  • Field support and troubleshooting

Publish accurate product information at the click of a button in any format, on multiple digital channels and in any language to facilitate higher levels of self-service and delight your customers. 

Tridion provides a single-source approach to managing product information that ensures increased quality and consistency while enabling on the fly personalization.

Augment field support with high-quality service information to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) while allowing improved collaboration and accuracy for distributed teams. 

Tridion dynamically delivers granular product and service information, supporting both online and offline delivery of information, as well as new ways to interact with equipment such as Augmented Reality (AR).

Key capabilities

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Single source of truth

Centralize technical documentation to ensure customer satisfaction along with lesser burden on after sales support. Control the entire content lifecycle from creation, review, management and delivery at scale to empower support teams and field agents to find and work with critical product information easier and faster.
Single source of truth
Unify collaboration with SME’s
Adaptive content for any channel
Integrated translation management
Manage multiple editions of your publications with Tridon Docs Baselines