The Five Future States of Content



Content makes the digital world go around and has become your primary contact point with customers. Web pages, product information, social posts, emails: today, all touchpoints rely on content. 

At the beginning of 2018, SDL made five predictions about the future of content: 

  1. Content Will Organize Itself: Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable full content taxonomies to optimize content searchability. 
  2. Content Will Be Agile: Content creation and organization will be accelerated by AI and content will be structured to be machine ready. 
  3. Content Will Be Secure: To meet data security needs, businesses will adopt on-premises technologies to automate the global content supply chain. 
  4. Content Will Create Itself: ML and AI will enable automated creation of derivative content from existing content to give customers a unique and relevant user experience. 
  5. Content Will Be Your Best Salesperson: Brands will invest more in the creation, translation and delivery of global content as a sales tool. 

Our predictions seemed almost impossible to believe. But SDL’s technological advances and unwavering commitment to meet our customer’s needs has made many of them a reality. 

Read this eBook to find out how! 

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