Content Will Be Your Best Salesperson


When you think about sales, the first thing that pops into mind is probably not content. You may think of the actual product sold, the flashy marketing campaign, the promotion or the point of purchase. Or maybe the packaging, the shopping cart or the one-on-one call with a salesperson. But think of how a salesperson puts their best foot forward with every interaction they have with a customer. They dress to impress, use their best professional manner, attempt to relate to the customer and direct them to the product or service that meets their need.

With customer centricity front and centre of your business, your content should be given the same treatment and dressed to impress.  This way it can be your best salesperson, and provide an additional resource to sell your product and business.   Like the salesperson who is truly customer-centric, content that sells ‘listens’, and should be adapted to customer needs and expectations. 

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