Smart new machine translation features and capabilities added

Content insight, adaptive language pairs and improved quality assessment lay foundations of smart machine translation



RWS Holdings plc today announced that new smart features and capabilities have been added to its machine translation technology, including content insight, expanded options for adaptation, and automated quality assessment – giving companies a smarter way to engage with and understand global audiences.

New smart machine translation capabilities include:

  • Content insight: The machine translation software can automatically identify languages and extract meaning from documents, reports, emails, and social posts. Customers can now access an automatic interactive summary in any language to make better content decisions.
  • Expanded options for adaptation: Adaptive language pairs (previously enabled for on premise customers) is now available through the cloud. An easy-to-use, embedded, secure training environment allows users to adapt generic language models using their own data – allowing organizations to easily address very specific use cases and content profiles.
  • Quality assessment: Increased transparency into quality of machine translation output, based on industry best-practices, allows decision-makers to make more informed assessments based on a higher standard of information.

“Our latest capabilities follow a long list of machine translation innovations dating back 25+ years,” explains Azad Ootam, Chief Technology Officer, RWS. “The combination of automatic translation and content insight gives us a unique way of helping customers to not just translate – but also understand their multilingual content.”

RWS's machine translation technology is an enterprise-grade solution that automatically translates content across 2,700 language combinations. Some of the globe’s leading brands use the technology to engage with millions of customers. 

“Multilingual AI is at the top of many organizations' agenda,” said Maurizio Mencarini, VP Channel Development EMEA at, (formerly Expert Systems), a leader in hybrid natural language understanding technology. “We joined forces with RWS to extend our native multi-language capabilities to further break down language barriers. We chose RWS because they share our passion for innovation and we are excited to integrate these new capabilities into our joint solution.”

The solution can be embedded into existing business applications, including business intelligence applications, internal communication workflows, and eDiscovery. Users can interact with the software directly, through Microsoft Office or through their web browser. It supports a wide variety of documents natively and includes native Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) integration.

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